LabStar 330 brings you an ultimate experience of printing
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In the previous article, we have introduced you to the industry background in which LabStar 330 was born, its advantages in print specification, print efficiency, and print quality. Intoday's notification, we will focus on the two features of LabStar 330: high flexibilit yand high profits, as well as how its system configurations and print performances can best meet the customer's requirements on the high-quality personalized print-on-demand labels.


High flexibility

In short, LabStar 330's advantages in flexibility is mainly reflected in its humanized operating system and intelligent control system. Here are the top ten highlights of the LabStar 330 we have summarized:

Self-developed nozzle drive system,which can automatically maintain the nozzle after printing; one-button operationon the operating platform can effectively save labor costs;

The system can automatically monitor thenozzle pressure and ink temperature instantly to prevent possible faults;

The system can automatically calculatethe cost of ink consumption; one-time coloring can also reduce additionalprocesses;

Equipped with flexible color managementsoftware for efficient order management;

Equipped with the correction function toprevent paper deviation;

Equipped with the detection function,which can automatically stop the press once the paper break occurs;

Equipped with Mark recognition function,which can realize secondary tracking registration. It is convenient forcombining the digital printing and traditional printing production;

It can be produced with professionallabel imposition software for high automation;

No plate-making process; print from onepiece to multiple batches, which can meet a variety of needs in label orders.

High Profit / Investment Return

As an innovation for digital label printing industry, LabStar 330's performance interms of ROI is also quite amazing. When it comes to the issue, we generally have two aspects to tell. On the one hand, LabStar 330 can effectively lower customers' costs in the production process. On the other hand, LabStar 330 has excellent cost performance, which can effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers in label production, and thus bring customers with a high ROI.

Lower production costs

Support seamless change of orders without waiting time; 2 minutes just to complete the paper replacement;

Short preparation time, production speed up to 50 m/min, easy to obtain products in real time;

It can achieve zero-inventory operation, which lowers management costs;

Simple operation; relatively low technical requirements for operators, which also lowers labor costs;

Eco-friendly: ink can be fully recycled, reducing ink and energy consumption.

High output / reward ratio

Variable graphic data to adjust the printing content at any time to meet the diversified needs of customers;

Print batched and personalized labels on demand to increase their added value;

Stable color display; scratch-proof, water-proof, durable in avoidance of sunlight and chemicals.

The thickness of ink layer is adjustable to meet different production process requirements (eg, flexo, silk screening, etc.);

The market's emphasis on the industrialized label digital printing has increased year by year, which can help customers to seize business opportunities and win market competition.

Provide comprehensive and effective after-sale protection services to relieve customers of their production worries.

Below we use sample pictures to show you the outstanding print quality of LabStar330: